Morgan Wells Drag Closet

 I have been a costume, and clothing designer for more than 30 years. I am a certified tailor who decided in the 1980's that I would be a better costume designer. So I worked for 10 years as a designers assistant, another 10 years doing custom special occasion clothing, and another 12 years working in the wardrobe department of a casino. At this time I auditioned for the first season of a little show called Project Runway. I was told I am best suited for costumes. In 2005 I started a very successful EBay store Called Morgan Wells Drag Closet. In an effort to reach a larger demographic, I have decided to launch my own website with the same name. If you have purchased from me on EBay, you know my work. If not, I hope you come to know, and love me. Thank you so much for considering making a purchase with Morgan Wells Drag Closet.